We answer your most colorful questions...

  • 1 How do I order?

    Simple as 1...2...3!

    1. Pick the subscription plan that best suits your needs.
    2. Choose the meals from our menu that you want delivered the following week.
    3. Check out.

    Our menu rotates each week, so we can keep our meals seasonal and exciting.

    All of our plans are subscriptions.
    Following your initial order, your subscription will renew on Monday at midnight CST for the next week. If you do not choose your meals or SKIP that week, your cart will auto-fill and you will be charged.

  • 2 How do I choose my meals or skip a week?

    Once a subscription is in our system we send weekly text reminders on SUNDAY OR MONDAY prompting you to choose your meals. A live link to your account is embedded in that text. Click the link and choose your meals or click SKIP to avoid a delivery for that week.

    *Please do not text us to SKIP meals. You are able to do that in your account through that link.

  • 3 When will my delivery arrive? How does it arrive? How much is shipping?

    Birmingham area clients receive deliveries each Sunday via courier. 

    Shipping clients can choose to receive meals on Friday each week via UPS. Delivery times on those days are "until 7pm". Tracking for your package will be provided via email at the time of shipment.

    Shipping costs vary according to your location.

    Each order is packed with frozen gels packs according the travel time and weather conditions to ensure the highest quality product arrives at your doorstep.

  • 4 Can I pause or cancel?

    To PAUSE your subscription, change your account to ONE TIME ORDER until you again ready to receive meals.

    All recurring orders will renew on Monday at midnight CST. If you do not EDIT your cart or SKIP by that time, we are only able to assist you in choosing new meals or a new destination (some shipping could apply) No refunds will be issued after Tuesday for any reason. We will happy to deliver meals to another address or donate them to a local charity.

    To cancel your account, change your account to ONE TIME ORDER

  • 5 How does the menu work?

    Our menu changes each week.

    We offer 5 lunches and 5 dinners in addition to our Chicken Salad pints and some market items.

    We also offer 1/2 dozens of our famous local Break-Up cookies (bake at home).

    For more market items visit www.nourishfoodsmarket.com. There you will find seasonal items of all kinds from our kitchen and other amazing southern brands we love.

  • 6 Can you provide nutrition for each meal?

    We currently have the Macronutrients on each meal label and online as well. We include all ingredients and nutrition labels on each individual meal sleeve.

  • 7 Is the packaging recyclable?

    For local Birmingham deliveries, we will accept cooler totes and ice packs back and reuse them. Please leave out on Sunday morning and our courier will retrieve them when delivering your new bag.

    For all other deliveries, please recycle! All of your packaging can be recycled.

  • 8 Where are you located? Can I pick up?

    Our commercial kitchen is located in Birmingham, Alabama. We make all of the meals there and ship from that location only. Unfortunately, our kitchen is not accessible to foot traffic, so we cannot accommodate any walk-up & purchase orders.

  • 9 How should I reheat my meals? Can they be frozen?

    Each meal label has reheating instructions, nutrition facts, and ingredients. Our meal trays can go directly into the microwave or conventional oven (up to 350 degrees only). The plastic sealed lid can also be reheated and is recommended for maintaining moisture in the meal.

    If you aren't able to eat your meal by the CONSUME BY date, you are always welcome to freeze the meal. They will freeze for up to 3 months. To reheat from frozen, simply thaw in the fridge and reheat per the instructions on the label.

  • 10 I have received a gift card. I have given a gift card. How can I/my recipient redeem?

    At check out you can input the code from your gift card to redeem.

  • 11 How do I contact Customer Service?

    Your account it set up with your cell number. This allows us to send reminders via text. If you need to speak with our customer service you can text directly into our system and someone will get back to you as quickly as possibly.

    If you do not choose to receive texts at the time of your order, you will be unable to receive important information regarding your account.

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