Morning Routine: Tiffany

Hi Ya'll! Tiffany here. My morning routine, is just like you'd expect...a routine.

Here's how I start my Monday-Friday: 

I set my alarm for 5am AND 6am. I just turn off the 5am, unless I am already restless. I roll around, stretch for my shoulders a bit then turn up our heat. I sleep with the air at 58 in the winter so it's cold, but we love it. I wake up Garrett and we hug a bit (cherish), get him settled with some breakfast. I go back to bed, drink some water and look at Instagram. Then I read the one-year bible devotional and make sure Garrett is eating his breakfast. Put on my clothes, wash my face and put on moisturizer . Then it's time to get Garrett dressed (yes, I have to help him b/c he is so slow and piddly) and brush his teeth. I also have to "brow beat" him to get on his shoes. After dropping him at off at elementary school, I race to Starbucks for my daily coffee and "hello" to Steve and Jerry (two nice men that sit in the front lounge area every day).