Mary's Morning Routine


Today we are spotlighting Mary's morning routine. She is a creature of habit and very dedicated to her most efficient use of time. As we all know, time is our most valuable commodity, so making the most of the hours of her day is Mary's goal. Without further ado, here's Mary!

I'm so happy to share my morning routine with this community. I know each of you out there probably struggles with time (like I do). As a working mom of 6 kids, I juggle a lot, but luckily have a great husband that shares in our home life equally. We wake up around 5:30, and my husband brings me a cup of coffee in bed. My go-to creamer is Califa Farms AlmondMilk Vanilla creamer. I have a strict rule with my kids that the "request line" is not open until after that first cup of coffee. Otherwise, they would start lobbing all kind of requests/demands my way: "Can we watch a show? What are we having for breakfast? I need a chocolate milk!"


After making the lunches for school, I typically leave the house between 6 and 6:30 each day (my husband drops the kids at school), so I can get in a quick workout before heading down to our Nourish HQ in downtown B'ham. Depending on the day of the week, I will either go to my club gym or OrangeTheory. As I mentioned, time is of the essence, so regardless of where I go for my workout, I only spend 30 minutes max. If I go to the club gym, I"ll do 10-15 minutes of Peloton with Denis Morton to get warmed up and then 15 solid minutes of weight training. I'm no expert, but I know enough to get by. If I head to OrangeTheory, I'm not one that is racing for the treadmill card. I will always select to be on the weight floor and skip out on the running, so again only 30 minutes. 


I like to be in the office by 7:30 and get my work day started before most of the staff arrives. I'm a morning person, so can tackle a lot off the "to-do list" before the chaos of the day really begins.