Guilt-Free Snacking

3 o’clock rolls around and we suddenly think it is snack time. Whether that is the inner school kid in us or not, there is no need to fight off the munchies. Snacking the right way has proven benefits like weight loss and regulated blood sugar. Read more to find out what we think are the KEY pointers for healthy snacking…

1. DO keep healthy foods around you, so it's easier to make healthy choices when the hunger pains hit.

2. Watch the sugar… It may say fruit juice/smoothie but it may also have an unsettling amount of sugar in it.

3. Pay attention to serving sizes… mindlessly snack is what causes us to overindulge. Try a preportioned hummus cup/ avocado cup or cheese stick.

4. Go for the whole-grain, the added fiber never hurts!

5. Healthy fats are great fillers… eggs, nuts, nut butters & avocados are all the craze and perfect to keep you satisfied until dinnertime.