Eat Well = Sleep Well {Especially during the Holidays}

It is true, your diet can help (or hurt) your sleep. If you are sleep sensitive pay close attention. We imagine you are just a handful of almonds away from a good night’s sleep! Almonds (much like turkey) contain tryptophan which research considers a sleep aid. Obviously, some of the items that made our lists below are just a friendly reminder. However, some of these items we would have never thought twice about.


5 foods that can help you sleep better:

1.     Almonds

2.     Turkey

3.     Chamomile tea

4.     Walnuts

5.     Fatty fish


5 foods that can hinder your sleep:

1.     Alcohol

2.     Spicy foods

3.     Coffee or tea

4.     Chocolate – unfortunately, chocolate contains caffeine

5.     Raw onions