Client Spotlight: LaBrandon Dates

July Client Spotlight: LaBrandon Dates
1.     What is a day or week like in the life of LaBrandon Dates?

I’m a marketing professional and also microblog about my love of travel, style, faith, and personal growth. During the week, my life is pretty routine. I live and work in downtown Birmingham, so I’m in the office by 9 and back home by 5. I keep weeknights simple to make sure that I stay rested for the work week. On the weekends, you’ll find me catching up with friends over brunch, creating content for my personal brand, or traveling to my hometown of Gadsden to visit my family.  

 2.     What is one thing about yourself that you would love to share with our Nourish community?
This is a tough question! 

Honestly, I’m grateful for my unique story. From growing up in a small town to seeing the world and inspiring others to do the same – that’s a beautiful gift from God. And, I know that my story is still being written, so I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings! 

3.     What are the things that you invest in yourself to better your week?
Two things come to mind. First, Nourish is an investment that makes my week better by allowing me to prioritize healthy eating while simultaneously saving me time. I also invest in digital therapy to prioritize my mental wellness. When I keep a clear mind and eat well, I feel equipped to tackle the week. It’s mental and physical armor, lol!

 4.     How are you prioritizing your overall health during these uncertain times?
In addition to the digital therapy and feeding my body well, I also meditate, stretch and walk more than ever! 

In the morning, I get the day started by walking while listening to podcasts and music. In the evening, I’ll tell Siri to “play singing bowls,” roll out my yoga mat, let the bowl vibrations help clear my mind, then stretch to make sure that my body isn’t tight or holding tension. 

5.     How has Nourish and our meals or service impacted you?

My health journey downfall is bad eating habits (sigh). When I’m stressed or busy, I turn to fast food or quick meals that are not good for me. Nourish intervenes during these times! Plus, the food always tastes good, so I look forward to eating my meals and I don’t have to worry about whether or not the food is full of preservatives because it arrives fresh weekly!