The Good Egg

So, you have some eggs in your fridge. Do you feel crunched to eat them before they expire? Are you tired of eating a boring scrambled egg? If you answered yes to either of these questions, let’s explore some yummy new ways to mix in an egg or two.

Let’s start with a few breakfast ideas. I know for my family and I, nothing beats a good egg casserole. Throw some sausage, eggs, peppers and cheese together and bake it. We think this is SO simple and SO good. Okay, we have one more idea for you. Dress up your avocado toast with a fried egg. We also like to throw a little sliced red onion on it.

Lastly, how about some eggs for lunch or dinner? No, we are not suggesting breakfast for dinner. Although, we are not against it. We’re thinking more like a fried egg on top of a steak and arugula flatbread. Or maybe a homemade chicken fried rice or jalapeno egg salad is more up your ally.  Needless to say, buy eggs and use eggs! Whether fried, boiled, baked or scrambled, they are a great addition to many recipes.