Olive Oil 101

We all buy olive oil, but most of the time we do not know why we are choosing the one we are choosing. Typically, there are four different olive oils on the grocery store shelf. Olive oil has many health benefits. It contains small amounts of Vitamins E and K and plenty of beneficial fatty acids. After picking apart the common four, the Nourish team knows what to choose! We hope this is helpful to you too.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This one is going to be the most expensive. It is the highest polyphenol content and delivers a distinct olive oil taste. Polyphenols are one of the many health-protective antioxidants that are found in extra virgin olive oil.

2. Virgin Olive Oil: this is a poor second choice, it goes through harsher processing methods. It is lower in polyphenols and not as delicious.

3. Refined Olive Oil: I would not suggest buying this. It is extracted using chemicals and not mechanically pressed.

4. Pure or Light Olive Oil: It is kind of tasteless and boring. The light is referring to the taste not the calories or fat. The reason you would purchase this is to limit the taste of olive oil in cooking.


Our favorite olive oil of all time is the Bottega cafe olive oil, available only in their restaurant and on our website: www.nourishfoodsmarket.com