Meet Tiffany

Hey everyone, my name is Tiffany Vickers-Davis. I am the co-founder of Nourish and now manage all things food here at Nourish. I was born in Germany, our family moved to the US in 1973 and settled in Winston-Salem, NC. My mother was a very good cook, making delicious scratch-made soups and casseroles. Although as a single mother, her time was tight.

After working as a waitress in a chain restaurant in college, I decided to spend the summer as the "broil cook" on the line. I really loved it! I went back to waitressing to make better money, but continued learning about food working at more diverse eateries. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and started a career in public relations. I began working in Los Angeles and eventually moved to New York where I found the La Technique program at the FCI (French Culinary Institute). After completing the program, I made a career decision and moved to Chapel Hill, NC to work for Bill Smith at Crook's Corner. From there, I attended Johnson & Wales in Charleston, SC. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with an A.S. in Culinary Arts, I was hired by Cooking Light to work in the test kitchen. After 14 years there, I left as the Test Kitchen Director to join Mary Drennen at Kinfolk Kitchen. In 2014, we launched our brand and online service, Nourish.

I loved working at Cooking Light, but I made the decision to move because Mary and I had been in small catering together for a long time. I knew we could really do some great things together. We wanted to launch a brand of our own and that was exciting. As a mom of a small child, I knew that the business we wanted to start was much needed and so desired by moms like me and folks like my parents. We service those who are truly busy but need healthier food options.